Personal Superannuation

Everyone wants to raise their standard of living. This is why we invest in shares and property, budget according to our lifestyle and set financial goals for ourselves.

One very important component that is often overlooked is Superannuation.

  Ask yourself these questions: Is your Personal Superannuation positioned to meet your retirement needs in the future? What exactly is your Personal Superannuation invested in?

For most Australians, the answers would be unsure.

By simply adjusting your investment allocation and understanding your investment options, you could improve your retirement situation substantially.

Generally speaking, when you begin employment you will be given an Industry Superannuation form and tick a box (conservative, balanced, growth or high growth), then forget about it until the quarterly or bi-annually statements come through.

What if you could take control of your Personal Super and know exactly what you are invested in and have the flexibility to adjust asset allocations depending on economic themes?

 With Super Network Financial Services, you can.

Invest in specific ASX listed stocks, easily balance your portfolio depending on market conditions, manage your cash component and you can even invest a portion in multiple manage funds; all with the guidance of an experienced Advisor.

Our Advisors have access to Personal Superannuation platforms to manage Personal Superannuation. This allows for:

psup  Transparency




Viewing your Superannuation portfolio holdings is easy with the comprehensive client portal. You can check transaction history, view performance stats, monitor Superannuation contributions and even update your details.

Contact us and find out more.

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