Super Specialists

When taking control of your Super it is important to partner with professionals who specialise in Superannuation. They will assist you in making the most of the tax advantages associated with your Superannuation Fund and if you have a SMSF they will ensure you remain compliant. We have long standing associations and connect you with the Investment, Accountant and Insurance specialists you need to set up and maintain your SMSF.

 Superannuation Investment Advisors

There is no denying the world as we know it is dramatically different today than five years ago, mostly due to the evolution of technology. The financial world has changed so rapidly with the introduction of smartphones and the ability to access information instantly, regardless of where you are. This age of instant information at your fingertips has changed the world and the way society thinks, but not without its disadvantages. Information overload is one of the biggest inhibitors of action there is. This is why our team of in house Investment Advisors at Super Network Financial Services will not only advise you but educate you on the different investments available and why they are suitable for your particular circumstances. We know how important it is for you to understand the investment strategy we tailor for you, so that you can move forward and take control of your Super.

 Self Managed Superannuation Specialist Accountants

Arguably the most important component of running your own Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is having the right team of accountants that specialise and thoroughly understand every aspect of Self Managed Superannuation to ensure you remain compliant. At Super Network financial Services, we connect you with our partnered SMSF specialist accountants who will advise you on the most tax effective method of contributing and withdrawing funds from your SMSF. They will help you take care of your yearly administration and audit your fund to ensure you meet the Australian Tax Office requirements to remain compliant. Don’t settle for second best when it comes to tax effectiveness and accounting expertise within your SMSF.

 Superannuation Insurance Experts

Most people don’t realise they have Life Insurance and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance within their Industry or Retail Superannuation Funds. It is essential that you speak with someone who is not only an expert in insurance, but a specialist when it comes to cover built into your Superannuation Fund before closing a Retail or an Industry Super Fund. After all if something was to happen to you, it could be a financial disaster not to have insurance cover in between closing your old fund and setting up your SMSF or Personal Superannuation fund. Super Network will connect you with our partnered insurance expert who will discuss the different insurance products with you and explain exactly what you will need in order to achieve the level of cover you desire. The goal here is to get the right cover, from the right provider, at the right cost.

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